les estivales

August 22nd – August 25th

Finally a celebration of masks that has a face

Why Les Estivales by Masque en scene?

In theater, the mask is not just a beautiful object, it reveals all the humanity of the actor. 

The art of the theatrical mask is a truly universal language, it has the power to make the spectator laugh, cry and charm in turn. It is accessible to everyone across cultures, social classes or ages. This is why the mask is favored in the popular arts of commedia dell’arte as well as in the Balinese ceremonial arts. Masques en scène aims to create a meeting place in Alba la Romaine for mask arts from all over the world.

22nd - 24th

22 -24 Aug


2pm / 6pm

Exhibition of theater masks organised by Les Créateurs de Masques
Parvis Chapelle de la Roche

22nd - 25th

22 -25 Aug


« Molière and the Commedia dell’Arte » workshop by Chiara Breci, Claire Tudela and Giulia Filacanapa organized by L’Association Nationale de Recherche et d’Action Théâtrale (ANRAT) in the frame of l’Opération Molière
Théâtre Antique / Muséal
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22 Aug



Masked Parade
Place du Marché


Performances with masks and music by Xènos
Parvis Chapelle de la Roche


Masked Play workshop led by Claude Roche
Parvis Chapelle de la Roche


Shakespeare’s « Comme il vous plaira » play presented by Mirandole et Cie
Place Neuve


23 Aug



Performances with masks and music by Xènos
Parvis Chapelle de la Roche


« Anak Bali » show written and played by Joanna Belloni
Place de la Roche


24 Aug



Workshop with masks and music by Xènos
Parvis Chapelle de la Roche


Peter Schumann’s « L’Histoire du Roi » show presented by Masques en scène
Place de la Roche


Molière’s « Georges Dandin » play presented by Les Passeurs
Théâtre Antique

Entrance Fees

The masked parade, the workshops, the performances, the exhibitions and the shows Anak Bali and L’Histoire du Roi :

  • free

Comme il vous plaira play by Shakespeare :

  • regular adult ticket 15,00€
  • reduced fee 10,00€ for children aged 6 – 13 years
  • free for children under 6 years

(reservations : 06 33 30 64 46)


Georges Dandin play by Molière : 

  • regular adult ticket 6,00€
  • reduced fee 4,00€ for children aged 6 – 16 years and students

(reservations : 04 75 52 45 15)


Molière et La Commedia dell’Arte workshop

  • fee 30,00€ plus 25,00€ for ANRAT membership

(registrations : 01 49 88 66 30 or stephanie.grenon@anrat.net)

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