About the association

Founded 6 th August, 2020 by Claude Roche and supported by Carole Charpentier as secretary and Rebecca Okoroji as treasurer.

Masques en scène aims to promote the richness of the theatrical mask and is meant to be a resource pole connecting a network of creators and professionals in masked theater.

Claude Roche

The story of

the owls

We are often asked why there are owls in our logo so here is the story behind the logo…

The owl sees in the night, it has the capacity to perceive what is hidden beyond appearances. In many traditions, it symbolizes wisdom, intelligence and clairvoyance. The owl perceives in the dark, it detects its prey beyond visible reality.

The actor with the naked face shows his personality, his singularity, what he has in himself. The mask on the actor shows what is hidden behind the appearances of the individual. It allows us to perceive the invisible human condition that everyone carries within themselves. Thus the theatrical mask gives the spectator the insight of a vision beyond appearance, like the owl. Just as the owl feels the mystery of a prey hidden in the forest, the mask reveals to the spectator the human essence, hidden behind the actor’s singularity. The mask strips the actor of his identity to cover him with a social and cultural dimension. The spectator is in front of a mystery to discover he needs the insight of the owl to see clearly.

And regarding the colors: we chose orange for joy, green for the harmony of nature and yellow for light.

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