August 22nd - August 25th

Les Estivales 2021

Masques en Scène presents its very 1st festival of masked theater this summer in the scenic medieval village of Alba la Romaine.


The evocative power of masks in theater

In Asia, the mask is still considered a sacred art that reveals the unspeakable. In the West, the very word mask is synonymous with concealment and deception, and, in recent times, health protection. This semantic phenomenon is ingrained in people’s minds and greatly hinders the use of masks in theater. This is a great pity because the universe of the mask, as vast as the world, contains treasures from an ethnological, historical, philosophical, aesthetic and theatrical point of view.

Masques en Scène wishes to rediscover the evocative power of theatrical masks.

The story of

Masques en scène

Masques en Scène aims to promote the richness of the theatrical mask.

The association was founded 6th August, 2020 by Claude Roche. He is supported by Catherine Armand as secretary and Rebecca Okoroji as treasurer.


Masques en Scène offers you:

• Masked shows
• Mask-making workshops
• Drama workshops with mask
• Demonstrations of traditional theaters
• Mask exhibitions
• Conferences

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